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Tandem Skydiver Career


Are you passionate about skydiving and looking to turn your hobby into a fulfilling career? Becoming a British Skydiving Tandem Instructor might be the perfect path for you. As a tandem instructor, you will have the opportunity to share the exhilarating experience of skydiving with others while ensuring their safety and enjoyment. In this guide, we will outline the stages and processes involved in obtaining your tandem instructor rating and maintaining it.

Stage 1: Obtaining Your Tandem Instructor BI Rating

To become a British Skydiving Tandem Instructor, the first step is to obtain your Tandem Instructor Basic Instructor (BI) rating. This rating allows you to assist a qualified instructor during tandem jumps. Here are the key steps involved:

  • Complete a British Skydiving Tandem Instructor Course: Enroll in a reputable skydiving school that offers Tandem Instructor courses approved by British Skydiving. These courses provide comprehensive training on tandem skydiving techniques, safety procedures, and instructional methods.
  • Pass the Written Exam: Demonstrate your knowledge of tandem skydiving theory by successfully completing the written exam. This exam covers topics such as equipment, emergency procedures, and student handling.
  • Complete the Practical Training: Under the guidance of experienced instructors, gain hands-on experience in tandem skydiving. This training includes practicing harnessing techniques, conducting pre-flight checks, and executing safe landings.
  • Obtain a British Skydiving C License: Before progressing to the next stage, you must hold a British Skydiving C License. This prerequisite ensures that you have acquired a certain level of experience and skill as a solo skydiver.

Stage 2: Obtaining Your Tandem Instructor Rating

Once you have obtained your Tandem Instructor BI rating, you can proceed to the next stage of becoming a fully certified British Skydiving Tandem Instructor. Here are the steps involved:

  • Gain Experience: Accumulate a minimum of 500 jumps as a tandem instructor under the supervision of a Chief Instructor (CI). This experience allows you to refine your instructional techniques, develop situational awareness, and enhance your overall competency.
  • CI Nomination: To progress towards obtaining your Tandem Instructor rating, you need to be nominated by a Chief Instructor who has observed your skills and believes that you meet the necessary standards.
  • Complete the Tandem Instructor Rating Course: Once nominated, you will undergo a Tandem Instructor Rating Course conducted by British Skydiving. This course focuses on advanced instructional techniques, risk management, emergency procedures, and student assessment.
  • Pass the Tandem Instructor Rating Exam: Demonstrate your proficiency as a tandem instructor by successfully completing the Tandem Instructor Rating Exam. This exam evaluates your knowledge, decision-making abilities, and practical skills in various scenarios.

Maintaining Your Tandem Instructor Rating

After obtaining your Tandem Instructor rating, it is essential to maintain your certification by fulfilling certain requirements. Here’s what you need to do:

  • Continuing Education: Stay updated with the latest advancements in tandem skydiving techniques, safety protocols, and instructional methodologies through regular participation in refresher courses and workshops.
  • Annual Proficiency Check: Undergo an annual proficiency check conducted by a British Skydiving-appointed examiner. This check ensures that you are maintaining the required standards and staying competent in all aspects of tandem instruction.
  • Adherence to Safety Guidelines: Strictly adhere to British Skydiving’s safety guidelines and regulations at all times. This includes conducting thorough equipment inspections, following proper procedures, and prioritizing the safety of your students.

Becoming a British Skydiving Tandem Instructor is an exciting and rewarding career choice for those who are passionate about skydiving and enjoy sharing the thrill with others. By following the outlined stages and processes, and continually honing your skills, you can embark on a successful tandem skydiving career while ensuring the safety and enjoyment of your students.